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Wednesday Weigh-in: 271.2

Mike on Apr 18th 2012

271.2 this week, which is down 4.6 lbs, and still without any trouble at all. I’m down about 15 lbs since the beginning of the month and still up about 28 lbs since I was at my lowest last summer. I’m averaging around 1050 calories per day, with low carbs and low fat, and I’m doing my four days each week of weight-training and cardio at the gym. I continue to have no noticeable tiredness and no stress over food. I also hit a new bench press high today of 295 lbs. So, my response to all of this is simply to say, “Go TRT!”

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Wednesday Weigh-in: 275.8

Mike on Apr 11th 2012

275.8 today. That’s down 6.2 lbs since my last Wednesday Weigh-in. I’m still up 32.8 lbs from where I was before all the health problems started, but it’s an excellent start now that those are under control.

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Wednesday Weigh-in: 282.0

Mike on Apr 4th 2012

As I said in my last post, Monday I started a strict diet again and added cardio to the workouts, now that my testosterone level is under control and the bouts of tiredness seem to be over. This morning I weighed in at 282.0 lbs. That’s up 39 lbs from where I was eleven months ago, before the problems started. Hopefully all that is behind me now and I’ll see the weigh fall off again and be back on track within the next few months. I’m down 4 lbs since Monday.

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Wednesday Weigh-in: 246.0

Mike on Apr 20th 2011

246 lbs today, so down 5 lbs this week. I’d love to have a few weeks like that in a row, but at this stage in the program I don’t expect that…it would be nice though.

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Ready for China!

Mike on Feb 4th 2011

I made my goal and finally broke 250 lbs today! This morning I was 249.4. That puts me at 72.2 lbs lost on the scale and probably over 90 lbs of actual fat lost, considering the amount of muscle I’ve concurrently gained in the last year. I’ll continue to be very strict for the next couple of days to see if I can drop another pound or two, but then Sunday we’re going to Pappasito’s. We leave for China on Tuesday and the diet is going to be on hold until we get back at the end of the month.

Feels great to finally break 250…the last 25 lbs were tough, but lately I’ve been pleased to see the weight coming off quickly again. My guess is that I have another 40-50 lbs to go, and it all looks downhill from here.

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Wednesday Weigh-in: 257.0

Mike on Dec 8th 2010

I’m happy to say that the speedy weight loss is continuing. This morning I hit 257.0, which is 3.8 lbs for the week. As Louanne would say…”woot, woot!” I also hit a new high for deadlifts today: 285 lbs for 3 reps, the same as my squats.

My loose goal now is to drop at least another 20 lbs before we go to China in the next 1-2 months. That would put me at about 85 lbs down on the scale and over a 100 lbs of actual fat loss. I’m beginning to see the “end” in sight now…of fat loss, but not of working out. My lifestyle is different now, and for the rest of my life I’ll be working out every week and building muscle. I’ll just be glad to leave Fat Mike behind. He can go live somewhere else, and I won’t even be visiting him.

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Wednesday Weigh-in: Thanksgiving Shmanksgiving!

Mike on Dec 3rd 2010

After over three months I am FINALLY out of the 260s. Whew! That was a long one. Granted, during that time I spent a couple of months eating an increased calorie diet and making significant muscle gains (my squats went up 60 lbs) but it was still a long time coming to see “259.8” on the scale this morning. Wednesday my weight was 260.8, which in itself was a new low, but this morning’s 259.8 was an even greater relief and motivator for me. That puts me at having lost 61.8 lbs on the scale, but it is realistically more like 75 or 80+ lbs of fat I’ve lost, considering the amount of muscle I’ve gained in the last 10 months of weight-training.

Thanksgiving was last week, and now I wonder if I should celebrate Thanksgiving every week, because I ate a lot of sweets last weekend…a LOT…and yet dropped weight like crazy this week. I’ve lost 4.2 lbs since Thanksgiving morning. Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn’t eat that stuff every weekend…but wouldn’t it be grand?

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Six meals a day?!

Mike on Sep 13th 2010

I missed posting my Wednesday Weigh-in last week, but I was down 1.2 pounds again, which makes three weeks in a row of losing exactly the same amount. I was getting a bit annoyed, since it would take me the better part of another year-and-a-half to lose the rest if that rate continued. I talked to my trainer about it and he suggested that I up my protein, cut my carbs a little, and eat about six times per day. Well, that seems to have done it. I’m down 3.2 lbs in the last five days, despite feeling like I’m stuffing myself all day long. I’m eating around 230 grams of protein and something like 80-100 carbs, but still only 1900-2000 calories per day. I’m eating so many egg whites and chicken breasts though that I’m starting to think that Bod Pod really did cause some kind of chicken metamorphosis in me.

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