• Cooper Clinic
Then and Now

Two photos taken after a Mother's Day dinner with the family. The first from two years ago and the second from this year.

  • Disney
Dad Strength in China

Carrying around two kids in China for weeks requires \"Dad Strength.\"

  • The Bod Pod
Cooper Clinic

Body composition analysis at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas.

  • Before and After
The Bod Pod

This is the Bod Pod at Fort Worth City Club, where we went to get a body composition analysis.

  • 277.6 lbs - Down 44
Before and After

This album transitions through the progress pictures.

306.4 lbs - Down 15.2

This is near the beginning of my fitness regime at 306.4 lbs, after losing 15.2 lbs. Taken 4/24/2010.

277.6 lbs - Down 44

Photos at 277.6 lbs, after losing 44 lbs. Taken 6/29/2010.